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Smoking can make your body sick!

Smoking can make you get sick in several ways. One way is when the cells that should help body, instead start attacking a part of the body and tear it down. This kind of sick could hurt your head, knees, or other parts of the body.  Using numbers, we and other doctors have shown that this kind of sick happens more often to people that smoke, that those who don’t smoke. No one knows why this is, but we are trying to figure out why. We think that smoking could make some cells in the body to act strange, and make other cells cause tear down the body.

Our job is now to figure out how this happens, by taking cells from people that smoke, and from people that don’t smoke and look at them in many ways. If we can find out the ways that smoke cause the cells to go bad or strange, we could learn a lot about how the cells and the body works, especially what happens when we get sick. This could later maybe be used find people that are on their way to get sick or to help sick people get better.

Using the Up-goer-5 text editor, I have here summarized my research using the top ten-hundred words used in american english. It’s of course inspired by the web-comic xkcd. The text is loosely based on the description found on the laboratory’s web site, see here, and here